Sunday, 5 March 2017

Susun Weed does stand-up comedy

This is part one of a series of videos of her talk at the 2016 Transformation Conference. Susun Weed is one of the grand old dames of 'herbal medicine as people's medicine'; someone I respect greatly for her wisdom and in this case, her wry sense of humour.

The rest of the videos are available on youtube in snippets of a few minutes each; I urge you to watch them as she gets more serious and makes an especially important point or two (or three) about the differences between male and female bodies, what naturopaths really do and the effect essential oils have on our microbiome.

This is important stuff.


  1. That's about how I feel right now! Trying to figure out what I can eat to get myself into remission for RA! 😉

    1. And very dietary shift takes a while to 'take', of course...

  2. The last medical doctor I saw came to his appointment an hour late with a chewing gum in his mouth and his jacket hanging over his shoulders loosely. He said ' what can I do for you?' I whispered internally all the F words I could remember. Made a promise not to see an MD again.
    At one point, I wanted to get a juicer SO badly, but thankfully my clever husband convinced me to buy a blender instead. Thankful for that now. Yes, I have had a shelf full of vitamins which ended up in the garbage because my body had enough of taking them all.
    Now, a few plant allies found their way into my life, and I am getting to know them slowly. I have heard once that real freedom comes from the Nature. Some of us just need a nudge or two to realize it.